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6 TOP TIPS - Wedding Hair Trial Preparation

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Hair trials are an element of your wedding day which is overlooked very often. It is very important to build a relationship with your stylist before the big day and get creative to find what style works best for you! Many brides ask, or should I say don't ask on many occasions, what should be done in preparation for a trial. I want to discuss my experiences of obstacles I've come across very often due to brides not taking hair trials seriously. Would you buy a car without test driving? 99% would not. Think of this as the same, you need to test these hairstyles to ensure you like it!


Prior to your trial, have an idea of what you are seeking. Whilst you are doing this it is very important to look at inspiration resembling your own hair type/colour. If you are struggling with this, discuss with your stylist prior to arriving to your trial. This saves a lot of time and confusion.


Go for a fresh cut prior to your trial and ensure your hair is freshly washed, thoroughly rinsed and dried day of or day before your trial. Believe it or not, one of the most common obstacles I have come across is conditioner not being rinsed out properly, this is a huge barrier! Ensure it is thoroughly rinsed.


Many brides attend trials going for a style which they do not feel comfortable with but follow the crowd. AVOID this by all means and ensure the style you go for makes you feel beautiful and most importantly YOURSELF!


Sometimes hair accessories make a style look complete. If you intend to wear hair accessories but don't have these yet. Try and envision on your trial what the style would look like with. Hopefully your stylist will have some accessories on hand for you to try and get an idea!


Trials are a time for you and your stylist to work together and create your dream look. Don't be afraid to say if you don't think a particular style suits and you want to try something else. This is what trials are for!


I always suggest to my brides to wear something light or white! Although this may be nothing like a dress, it certainly does help envisioning the style on the day, more than a dark blue t-shirt.

I hope you find these tips useful in preparing for your hair trial. Also, don't forget your hair trial is a must. Don't avoid it to save costs, its really not worth the worry!

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